How To Prepare Your Kids For A Positive Experience At The Dentist? Start Them Young!

Ally Moore Uncategorized

Right after my daughter, Sonia’s, 2nd birthday, she fell and broke her front tooth! Being her mom, I will admit I was nervous to treat her.

I found myself so appreciative that Sonia had been to my office for cleanings and was familiar with the instruments and protective gear I use.

She was nervous, squiggly and even teary when she had to stay open. But, she was so brave and we were able to repair her tooth with a shade matched filling. She left a happy girl. The bubblegum fluoride varnish always does the trick along with her own kid sized chapstick.

You never know when your precious little one is going to need their first dental work and it’s so important that they have some exposure to the dentist before that happens! Bring your babes in as soon as their first tooth comes in and we’ll prepare them for a happy & healthy experience in our warm and inviting atmosphere.